Exit Realty Synergy International


Real Estate Owned “REO” Division


Exit Realty Synergy International prides itself as one of the leaders in the real Estate Brokerage industry. We use the latest technology and equipment allowing us to give our customers the best service possible on-site and through other media.


As part of the Exit Realty family, with 87 offices and over 3,000 agents in the State of Florida, with combine sales of more than 700 REO Listings in the past 2 & ½ years just in South Florida, we have the experience, support and knowledge to effectively handle the REO business.   


Synergy International Realty, dba Exit Realty Synergy International, is a corporation domiciled in the state of Florida.  Opened its doors for operation in February 2004 and the office is located in Miami, Florida in the Flightways Commerce Center. This corporation is capitalized by three mayor stockholder, Mauricio Gaviria, Debbie Bahamon & Elie Espiedra.  Mauricio Gaviria is the licensed broker.


Our resume reflects the magnitude of our experience.  A staff of two brokers, along with many sales associates provides the office with complete brokerage services.


Mauricio Gaviria, Broker-President, brings to Exit Realty Synergy International more than 30 years experience in all types of real estate transactions and asset management.


Elie Espiedra,  Franchisee / Sales Associate, brings more than 25 years of experience in management, sales and marketing.


Debbie Bahamon, Franchisee / Sales Associate, brings more than 25 years of experience in management and marketing.  She is responsible for the proper execution of all trainings, advertising, sales activity as well as the ethical conduct of each associate within the brokerage operation.


Enrique Bahamon with more than 26 years of managing experience has been the General Manager of Exit Realty Synergy since its inception. He is responsible for all banking, trust accounts, accounting and personnel.  Before joining Exit Realty Synergy, Mr. Bahamon was the CFO of Fusion Networks, a public held company.


Working within the Residential and Commercial property industry for many years, we possess well-rounded experience concerning administrative processes associated with all kinds of real estate transactions, involved within nearly every aspect of the deal. We provide flexible end-to-end solutions that assist companies and individuals to meet their objectives by giving them the best possible service at an affordable fee to realize the highest net dollar from their assets.


As managers of  REO properties, our priorities are :


1) Be the eyes and ears of the asset manager.  Provide full service brokerage to the lender, from evaluations of the property (Broker's Price Opinion - BPO) to handling the sales through closing process. 


2) Prepare and preserve the property for sale.  Secure, clean, repair, inspect and maintain the property in a way that will lead to a close. Make recommendations for quick sell with the highest net return to the client. 


3) Work will all parties involved to make the sale of the property the smoothest, cost-effective and most efficient for everyone. Use the latest Technology to market and follow-up the selling process of the properties.


Real Estate Owned :


Real estate owned or REO is a class of property owned by a lender, typically a bank, after an unsuccessful sale at a foreclosure auction. A bank will typically set the opening bid at a foreclosure auction for at least the outstanding loan amount. If there are no bidders that are interested, then the bank will legally repossess the property. This is usually the case as the amount owed on the home is probably higher than the value of this foreclosure property. As soon as the banks repossess the property it is listed on their books as REO and categorized as an asset (non-performing).


As soon as a property goes into a distressed status (the borrower/home owner misses mortgage payments) the bank will want to determine the amount of equity that the property has. A popular method to determine the equity is to obtain a Broker Price Opinion (BPO) or order an appraisal. Based on the amount of equity that is determined from the BPO, the bank will decide whether to try for a short sale or to allow it to go through the foreclosure process. If the bank is unable to sell the property through a short sale or at a foreclosure auction it will now become an REO property.


After a repossession from which the property becomes classified as REO, the bank will go through the process of trying to sell the property on its own or obtain the service of an REO Asset Manager. The bank will remove some of the liens and other expenses on the home and try to resell it to the public, either through future auctions or direct marketing through a real estate broker. The asset Manager will also try to contact REO realtors that specialize in certain zip codes to help sell this bank owned property. Bank REO properties are generally in poor repair and maintenance. Real estate investors will often purchase these properties, as banks are not in the business of owning homes and the low price may compensate for the condition of the property.


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